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Body Care

Integrative Therapy Massage
Just the right combination of Restorative Swedish and Therapeutic Deep Tissue. Customized for each guest; long, fluid massage strokes are integrated with deep tissue techniques and heat therapy to promote relaxation, increase circulation, reduce muscle tightness and release chronic tension. Focus is given to trigger points and acupressure is used in combination with essential oils for a therapeutic effect. This new treatment concludes with an invigorating foot scrub.
$80.00/60 min.
$100.00/90 min.


Hot Stone Massage
Experience the perfect blend of massage and heat therapy. Warm basalt river rocks are massaged over tired muscles generating warmth and energy while creating connectedness to the earth. Promotes deep relaxation and brings a sense of well-being.
$100.00/60 min.
$120.00/90 min.


Pre-Natal Massage
Nurturing and soothing, this massage relieves low back discomfort, supports ligament changes, eases water retention, improves circulation and eliminates many of the physical and mental stresses unique to the expectant mother. Pillows are used for support and aromatherapy helps to promote a calming experience. **Offered only in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.
$90.00/60 min.


Foot Reflexology
Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, this technique utilizes gentle pressure point massage in the reflex points of the feet which correspond to the body’s organs. Improves blood circulation, helps release stress in the body and mind, and creates balance.
$45.00/30 min.
$55.00/45 min.


Tension Tamer Massage
A 45-minute massage customized just for you. De-stress while focus is put on your tight neck, back and shoulders. Or alleviate that tension headache with a trigger point and scalp massage. Restores balance to the body and mind. Great for individuals on a tight schedule.
$55.00/45 min.


Energy Balancing Massage
In the tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, the use of essential oils and guided meditation are used to open and balance the chakras –energy centers of the body. Features deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, foot reflexology and energy work for the chakras.
$90.00/60 min.

Purifying Back Treatment
Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin. This 45-minute back facial focuses on deep cleansing, skin exfoliation, gentle extractions, back massage and masque therapy. It’s perfect for anyone experiencing challenges on their back caused by seasonal or hormonal changes. The treatment is followed by a moisturizer selected specifically for your skin type.
$70.00/45 min.