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Intro Acupuncture Session
This introduction session is great for people who don’t know where to start or have never tried acupuncture before. It is recommended for all first time guests. It includes an intensive one-on-one intake evaluation, a relaxing acupuncture treatment, Tui Na back acupressure and herbal recommendations.
$90.00/75 min.


Basic Acupuncture Session
The basic acupuncture session is a continuation of your treatment plan. After your initial visit and intake, future visits will be highly specialized to reach your physical and mental goals. Treatments vary from person to person and you will be informed and comfortable for all treatments and modalities used. Take advantage of this treatment plan to achieve all of your health goals.
*Series pricing is available.
$75.00/60 min.


Destress Acupuncture Session
We all have stress and it’s nice to get away every once in awhile. This session includes a relaxing acupuncture treatment, Tui Na acupressure, stress relieving oils and energy work. It’s time for YOU!
$120.00/90 min.


Pain Management Session
Acute and Chronic pain can be a hindrance in our busy day-to-day lives. You don’t have to suffer anymore. With this session you will receive acupuncture, electrical stimulation and stretching with joint mobilization. Move on with your life pain free. It is recommended to receive 3-6 consecutive sessions to solidify the desired results.
*Series pricing is available.
$85.00/60 min.


Addiction Session
In the addiction session we will work together to meet your target goals. You will receive auricular acupuncture and ear seeds. The session ends with fire cupping to help detox the body further. It is recommended to receive 3-6 consecutive sessions to solidify the desired results.
*Series pricing is available.
$85.00/60 min.


The Touch Up
Only have a few minutes in your busy schedule? In this 45 minute session, we will hit target spots, provide fire cupping and send you home with ear seeds for continued stimulation.
$45.00/45 min.


Fire Cupping
Cupping therapy is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing in that area. The suction is created by using fire. You’ll be amazed how 20 minutes of fire cupping can help eliminate trigger points in your back and shoulders. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite when performed on your thighs. Fire cupping can be done as often as once per week.

*Fire Cupping can be added to any acupuncture session for $35.00